breakrunearly 2014

During a workshop at ECAL, I was carrying three ipads when I tripped, and slammed two of them together. They were working fine, but the screens were broken. If it was up to me, I would have kept them like that, but they were school's property so i had to replace them.

This is when i realised a lot of people simply throw away their smartphones for little defects, and I decided to try encouraging people to keep their stuff as long as they can.

Screen break will be a platform where you can register your broken screen, Then play games or use apps that use the cracks in your screens for creating visuals, layouts, obstacles, enigms...

Break run is a simple 'run and jump' game, where the obstacles are generated by the cracks on the screen

The video below is an early test for the first game i developped (but aborted) for this platform. It's a two player game (one intact screen, another broken) where you would have to avoid falling into cracks (hidden by the grass). The person with broken screen would know exacly where those were, giving an advantage to the broken screen