Showitearly 2014

The human-free object generator

This project is a web-based 'tool' giving an operator instructions to build an object he has no control on. The result is therefore completely controlled by the machine, and the human is simply used as a tool.

I thought of it as a reminder of the progressive takeover of computers on many tasks of our lives (self-replenishing fridges are coming...), contrasting with the traditionnal image of craftsmanship. However, when the object is done, the humans are still needed for giving it a purpose. The name of the project (showit) came from a fake theory I developped as a 'sales' argument, about how we should not hide food in pantries, but show them to the world, using my special 'products'

The construction is a two step process: Cut a given amount of wood into different pieces and identify them (using a date-stamp), then assemble them back together.

You can try it out (The website is in french only)
If you actually build an object, please let me know!